Why to choose Pet Food Machinery?

Pet food machinery is a professional equipment for producing all kinds of pet food. It can produce various ingredients and forms of dog food, cat food, rat food, turtle food, rabbit food, ornamental fish food and other products according to the demand. The device has many advantages.

pet food

Leader has many advantages in pet food machinery, which has captured the hearts of many investors

1.This series of pet food equipment can be combined arbitrarily according to the requirements of the user’s site and process. 150 kinds of particle shapes can be produced by changing the mold and process formula, and the diameter of 1mm-20mm can be adjusted arbitrarily.

2.Various heating methods, electric heating, gas heating, heat transfer oil heating for customers to choose.

3.Equipment noise is small, 304 food grade stainless steel import and export meet national requirements.

4.The operation of pet snack machine only needs 2 people to assist. It is easy to work and has little labor. Suitable for domestic dog owners, dog farms, pet farms, pet shops, fresh dog food, cat food on-site processing.

5.Pet food machinery logistics to ensure the safety of goods. In order to ensure the safe arrival of the equipment, leader mainly signs transportation contracts with large domestic and international logistics companies, and provides full price insurance for the equipment to ensure the safety of your equipment. Long term cooperation has given us a better price. We will deliver the goods in strict accordance with the time stipulated in the contract. Free international standard shipping wooden case packaging is provided to avoid damage of equipment in transportation.


6.One machine is multi-purpose. Pet food machinery can produce crisp pet food, such as dog food, cat food, fish and bird feed, and also can produce bite type pet food. This advantage is due to the application of twin-screw extrusion technology.

Twin-screw extrusion technology

Pet food machinery uses twin-screw extrusion technology to produce pet food, which is a processing method integrating mixed transportation, shearing and kneading, cooking and maturing, sterilization and molding. The pet food produced by extrusion is of high quality for the following reasons.

1.After protein decomposition, it is easy to digest and absorb, improve the nutritional absorption rate of pet food, and eliminate flatulence.

2.Starch gelatinization occurs during extrusion and expansion, which produces unique burnt flavor and increases pet appetite.

New twin screw pet food machine

Compared with the traditional pet food machine, the outstanding advantages of the pet food machine are:

The new twin-screw pet food machine is equipped with an automatic circulation cooling system, which can realize the precise control of the temperature in each area, and will not be able to accurately control the temperature due to material friction as the old-fashioned machine, so that the production of formula pet food containing thermal elements is possible. This is well reflected in the composition of the production line.

Composition of new pet food production line:

Screw belt mixer → ② storage bin → ③ modulator → ④ twin screw extruder → ⑤ air blower → ⑥ five layer penetrating oven → ⑦ large elevator → ⑧ spraying line → ⑨ cooling and conveying

Mechanical structure drawing

Leader integrates R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and service, with strong technical strength, strict management system and rich experience. We are committed to the production of small and medium-sized food industry much-needed food machinery. The main products are pet food machine, food extrusion machine, sandwich rice snack machine, food puffing snack machine, etc.

At home, the equipment is exported to more than 20 provinces and regions in China, and there are many customers in foreign countries, Canada, Australia, Asia and Africa. Our high-quality machinery and good after-sales service are well received by users.

For the support and trust of new and old customers, the leader always keeps the original intention, not arrogant and impetuous. The heart of gratitude urges us to continue to provide customers with more quality products and perfect services. Welcome to contact us for more equipment details.