Modified Starch Production Line injects new blood into industrial field

After secondary processing, the starch that changes its properties is collectively referred to as denatured starch.

Denatured starch production line, also known as pregelatinized starch production line, is made of corn starch, cassava starch and potato starch as main raw materials, extruded by twin-screw extruder to change the original physical and chemical properties of starch, so that it has better properties and meets the needs of production and life.

The purpose of starch denaturation: first, to meet the requirements of various industrial applications; second, to open up new uses of starch and expand the scope of application. As one of the important raw and auxiliary materials in industry, modified starch can be widely used in papermaking, food, textile, construction, medicine and other industries. The production enterprises should use the modified starch production line to actively develop new products and expand the application field of modified starch.

  1. 1.Application of modified starch in food industry

In the food industry, modified starch is mainly used as thickener, gelling agent, binder, emulsifier and stabilizer. Its addition can improve the functional properties of processed food, improve the quality and stability of food. Modified starch can replace expensive raw materials, reduce the cost of food manufacturing, improve the quality of food and improve economic efficiency. It can produce sauce and condiment with attractive brightness and fresh taste, frozen meat products with excellent freeze-thaw stability, yoghurt with thick taste, baked food with soft and velvety texture and snacks with crisp and delicious texture.

  1. Application of modified starch in papermaking industry

Modified starch is an important chemical in papermaking industry, which has obvious economic and social benefits for papermaking industry. It can obviously improve the physical strength of paper, improve the quality and grade, reduce the proportion of wood pulp, improve the retention of fine fibers and fillers, save energy consumption, reduce the pollution of three wastes in the paper factory, obviously improve the printability and enhance the adsorption capacity of ink, it can also replace the expensive synthetic resin and cheese as surface sizing and coating adhesive, which can significantly reduce the production cost of coated paper.

  1. Application of modified starch in textile industry

At present, the modified starch used in textile sizing mainly includes acidolysis starch, oxidized starch, urea starch, phosphate starch, etc, and a small amount of acetate starch and composite modified starch.

  1. Application of modified starch in pharmaceutical industry

Most of the pharmaceutical tablets are starch. Although there are many new excipients to replace starch, starch is non-toxic, rich in raw materials and cheap, so it is still a good excipient. In order to meet the requirements of a certain preparation and improve the physical and chemical properties of natural starch, physical, chemical and enzymatic secondary processing of starch can be adopted.

  1. Application of modified starch in petroleum industry

The earliest application of starch in petroleum industry is drilling fluid. In drilling operations, starch and its derivatives, such as pre gel starch, carboxymethyl starch, hydroxypropyl (ethyl) starch, sulfonated starch, graft copolymer and oxidized starch phosphate ester, are used as water loss reducer for drilling fluid. Denatured starch is also used in petroleum exploitation and environmental protection. With the development of petroleum industry and the progress of starch technology, its application will be more and more extensive.

Modified starch production line belongs to twin-screw extruder, which is composed of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system and cooling system. It can produce many kinds of deformed starch.

The production of modified starch by twin-screw extruder is a hot extrusion process with high temperature, high pressure, short time, low moisture and high energy, which can be carried out in a single equipment, compared with the traditional production process, the production process is short, the production cost is reduced, the time-space output is high, energy-saving and efficient, the equipment matching is simple, the land occupation is small, the operation is convenient, and there is no sewage generation, green and environmental protection. Twin screw extruder has higher mixing efficiency, good process control and product uniformity, which is an economical and feasible processing method for fast and continuous production of various modified starch.

Modified starch production line

Twin screw extruder

In a word, with the economic growth of our country, the scale of industrial products continues to expand, the application field of modified starch continues to expand, and the amount of natural oil gradually decreases, as a renewable resource, modified starch is the substitute of many petrochemical products, which brings huge development space for modified starch. Therefore, the modified starch production line can inject fresh blood into the industrial field.