Introduction to the Rice Snack Machine

Sandwiched rice is a kind of convenient and nutritious food, which is usually made of corn flour, rice flour, flour, bean flour and so on. The products produced by the new type of rice filling snack machine strengthen the microelements such as vitamins and minerals, making them not only nutritious and delicious, but also suitable for all ages, which is a good choice for leisure food.

Sandwich rice snack

Sandwich rice snack machine using the advanced extrusion and expansion technology in the single screw or twin-screw equipment, rice, corn or other grains are used as raw materials, and pure cream is used as the medium. The raw materials such as egg yolk powder, milk powder, sugar powder, sesame paste, chocolate powder and so on are made into sandwich materials, and the sandwich materials are injected into the expanded grains at the same time of extrusion to make sandwich rice snack.

What are the advantages of rice filling snack machine?

  1. The production line of sandwiched rice snackhas the characteristics of multiple models, flexible configuration, wide range of raw materials, many kinds of products and simple operation.
  2. Batching, extrusion, extrusion molding, sandwiching, cutting, baking, spraying and seasoning to the finished products, all the processing technology sandwiched ricesnackmachines can be completed in one time, fully automatic, reduce manual labor, improve health standards and production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and avoid human operation errors.
  3. The user can choose the right equipment accessories to produce sandwich cake, sandwich roll, expanded rice snack, wheat burn, rice crust, nutritional breakfast, denatured starch and other products, so as to realize the multi-purpose of one machine.
  4. The puffed food has the characteristics of crisp taste, easy digestion, unique fragrance and convenient carrying. It is an ideal leisure food for consumers, with broad market prospect and high added value.
  5. High speed tool steel screw, hardness HRC ≥ 62, long service life of the whole machine, the user can save the purchase cost of production equipment.
  6. Extruded food has less nutrition loss and is easy to be digested and absorbed by human body.
  7. After high temperature extrusion, the water content of starch evaporated completely, and the water content of food decreased to a very low level, which is convenient for long-term preservation.

Basic configuration of production line:

Powder mixer → screw extractor → main machine → filling machine → multifunctional shaping machine → large elevator → single layer high temperature oven → large elevator → spraying seasoning line

Equipment accessories

Different brands and puffed foods need different production configurations. Food manufacturers can customize production lines according to production demand, site area and capital investment. Leader specializes in the production of puffed food.

Production technology of puffed food equipment

After the grain powder containing certain moisture is put into the sleeve, the screw rotates to carry out the forced conveying of the material. Under the calendering effect and high temperature and high pressure environment, the material undergoes a series of continuous processing such as extrusion, mixing, shearing, mixing, melting, sterilization and maturing, the starch gelatinizes and the crystal structure is destroyed.

When the material is squeezed from the pressure chamber to the atmospheric pressure, the super boiling point water in the material will produce expansion force due to instant evaporation, and the sol starch will expand instantly, forming a crisp food structure.

Sandwich rice snack machine

Sandwich rice snack machine for a wide range of applications, a variety of products.

The expanded small food production line can produce onion rings, wheat flavored chicken pieces, French fries, rice crust, sandwiched rice snack, corn crispy sticks, rice chips, shrimp flavor chips and other expanded small snacks, as well as fish feed, pet feed, poultry feed and other products.

After sales service of rice cake equipment:

  1. Provide various basic formulas
  2. Free installation and debugging equipment
  3. Responsible for training staff
  4. The equipment is guaranteed free of charge for one year

As a professional manufacturer of extrusion equipment, the company has gathered a team of experts with rich experience and is always committed to research and development. The company’s products have been diversified in variety, supporting series oriented. With the changing taste of consumers, the equipment and formula of Leader’s sandwich rice snack machine are constantly updated to meet the needs of the new market. The company provides a full range of services from production to packaging, which avoids the worries of users in production activities. Welcome to contact us to learn more about how to invest.