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With the development of aquaculture to the direction of scale, intensification and specialization, the demand for aquatic feed is also higher and higher. Expanded fish feed can solve the problems of poor stability, fast settling speed, easy to cause feed loss and water pollution of traditional fish feed. Therefore, more and more aquaculture households and feed factories install expanded feed equipment.

Floating fish feed pufferFloating fish feed puffer

Floating fish feed puffer

The floating fish feed machine takes rice, corn, sorghum rice, yellow rice and other raw materials as raw materials, and uses its own heating energy to expand the raw materials into various sizes of particles. The aquatic food produced by the floating fish feed machine has high protein and complete nutrition. The product can float on the water surface or sink to the bottom without wasting feed, and can promote the rapid growth of fish by adding trace elements. It is an ideal choice for different manufacturers.

Fish feed production line

Fish feed production line

  Process flow of floating fish feeder granulator:

Raw material preparation → mixing → conveying → extrusion and expansion → conveying → drying → seasoning → cooling → screening → packaging.

Puffed fish feed

Puffed fish feed

  Device configuration:

1. Flour mixer: add a certain proportion of water to corn flour, rice flour, soybean flour, meat flour, cereal flour, additives, etc., and mix them well.

2. Feeding machine: the motor is used for the power screw conveying, and the mixed raw materials are transported to the feeding hopper of the extruder to ensure the convenient and quick feeding.

3. Twin screw extruder: under the condition of high temperature and high pressure and screw extrusion, different feeds can be produced by adjusting the process, and the specific particle size and shape can be changed.

4. Conveyor: feed to oven.

5. Multi layer oven: the oven is mostly electric oven, the temperature is adjusted by the control cabinet between 0-200 degrees, and the inside is stainless steel double-layer mesh bag, which can reduce the moisture content of feed particles, promote the ripening rate and increase the shelf life.

6. Seasoning line: the fuel injector sprays oil, food attractant, etc. the seasoning cylinder has octagonal cylinder, cylinder, lifting single cylinder and double cylinder seasoning lines. According to the output and product property configuration, the grease is sprayed on the feed surface, while the minced meat and spices are sprayed evenly.

7. Cooling and conveying: reduce the temperature of frying and feed, promote the coagulation of oil, reduce the temperature of particles, and facilitate packaging.

8. Vibrating screen: screen out the surplus external materials and particles to ensure the quality and reuse of raw materials.

9. Packaging machine: manual sealing machine and automatic packaging machine can be used.

  Specific parameter:

Model Installed power Actual power Output Dimension
LZ56-III 35KW 22KW 120-150kg/h 2.5*0.8*1.8m
LZ65-II 46KW 30KW 150-180kg/h 3.5*1.0*2m
LZ70-II 60KW 45KW 180-220kg/h 3.6*1.0.2m
LZ85-II 90KW 55KW 300-500kg/h 4.5*1.2*2.3m
LZ3000-100 46KW 30KW 60-100kg/h 3.2*1.1*2m

Our factory focuses on the production, research and development of fish feed equipment. Every year, new equipment will be introduced to the market, which is deeply loved by customers. The price of equipment is reasonable, the operation is simple, and the output is large. A variety of output and models are available for fish feed manufacturers to choose. We will configure equipment according to the actual situation of customers to achieve the most reasonable use effect.

  Product advantages:

1. The main motor adopts frequency conversion control, which is energy-saving and easy to operate.

2. Adopt frequency conversion speed control feeder, and feed evenly.

3. The screw has excellent self-cleaning ability.

4. The feed is sterilized by high temperature and high pressure in the process of processing, which ensures the health and safety of feed products.

5. The process flow is continuous and reasonable, the performance of each single machine is good, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.

Product sample figure

Product sample figure

Export experience:

Our expanded floating fish feed production line has been sold to many countries in the world, including Vietnam, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Angola, Thailand and more than ten countries.

Photos of factory employees and foreign customersPhotos of factory employees and foreign customers

Photos of factory employees and foreign customers

After-sale service:

Free installation and debugging, personnel training, free formula, one-year equipment warranty, free maintenance for life, our factory can help to deal with old equipment.

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