Extrusion technology plays an important role in the production of leisure food

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, people’s requirements for food are getting higher and higher, gradually from food and clothing needs to food flavor, nutrition and even functional transformation. Puffed food has become a popular food for consumers because of its fresh and crisp taste, easy to carry and eat, wide application of raw materials and varied taste.

The production of puffed food is mainly made of corn, wheat, whole wheat, oats, rice and other kinds of grains, peas, red beans, chickpeas and other beans, as well as potatoes, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes and other kinds of potatoes, add a certain proportion of seasoning, cooking oil to make. Puffed foods give whole grains a refined way to eat.

puffed food

The main characteristics of puffed food

1.Good taste: after the expansion of grain products, the texture is crisp and the taste is improved. The coarse and hard structure of coarse grains can be easily accepted and the taste is appropriate.

2.Help digest: the starch in raw material is gelatinized very quickly in the process of swelling, the preservation rate of nutrient composition and digestibility are high, be helpful to nutrient absorption, the dietary fiber that food kind contains is helpful to digest additionally.


The small snack made by extruding and puffing technology

In recent years, extrusion technology has developed rapidly and has become the most commonly used technology in the production of extruded food. Puffing technology is a new food processing technology, it is widely used in the production of puffing food, with simple process, low cost, high utilization rate of raw materials, small area, high production capacity, can give food better nutritional characteristics and functional characteristics.

Extruded extruding is the process of extruding material by means of the propelling force of extruder screw. The process by which materials are subjected to mixing, agitation, friction, and high shear forces to obtain and accumulate energy at high temperature and pressure, and to swell materials.

Schematic diagram of extrusion extruder

Due to the compatibility of twin screw to materials, the production line is made of rice, corn, wheat, oats, flour and other grains. After extruding and puffing from different molds by twin screw puffing machine, the snack food with crisp mouthfeel and vivid appearance can be obtained by rotary cutting and baking (or frying) flavoring.

Use different mold rotary cutting molding

The equipment of the snack food production line has the advantages of more optional models, flexible equipment configuration, wide range of raw materials, more product types and simple operation. By changing different molds and changing the production process can produce a variety of puffed food on the market, suitable for all kinds of food manufacturers.

Leisure food production line

The extruder has single screw extruder, double screw extruder and multi screw extruder. At present, single screw extruder and twin screw extruder are widely used.

single screw extruder twin-screw extruder

The bulking technology acts as amylase, which causes starch to break up before food enters the mouth. In this sense, the bulking device lengthens people’s digestive organs. This prolongs the human body to the food digestion process, enhances the expanded food digestion absorption rate. Therefore, it can be considered that the puffing technology is a very scientific and ideal food processing technology. After the puffing of food, the structure of food is more easily absorbed by the eaters. In addition, puffing keeps food soft, tasty and digestible, which is another feature of puffing that is superior to other physical processing methods. It opens up a new processing field for coarse grain fine processing.