Automatic Potato Chip Machine

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Potato chips are a kind of simple and common snack food made from potato. At present, they have occupied a certain position in the food market. The crispiness and rich taste are more and more accepted and loved by people all over the world. So investing in potato chips processing is a promising industry.

Automatic potato chip machine

Automatic potato chip machine is composed of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, control system, using frequency control, high degree of automation. The material is transported, cut, mixed and heated by the shell of the machine barrel. It is ripened under the action of high temperature and high pressure and finally extruded out of the barrel.

Automatic potato chip machine belongs to the food puffing extrusion equipment, with a one-time investment low, low energy consumption, many functions, small volume, high profit, easy to use and maintenance, and other advantages, can be a greater extent to liberate manpower, improve productivity, is the first choice of potato chip manufacturing enterprises!

  What are the characteristics of our automatic potato chips making machine compared to other machines on the market?

1.Novel design, compact structure, high production efficiency, low loss;

2.Reliable, durable, low failure rate, easy to operate;

3.Easy to use, smooth transmission, low noise;

4.Screw design has a powerful self-cleaning function, screw screw slot can be self-purification;

5.Slice thickness and cutting size can be adjusted to meet the production needs of different manufacturers.

If you have any special request, please contact us. We can customize it according to your standard.

Automatic potato chips machine

Automatic potato chips machine

  Product parameters:

Model LZ65-Ⅲ LZ85-Ⅱ
Installed capacity 100KW 180KW
Power consumption 70KW 140KW
Production capacity 120-150KG/H 300-450KG/H
Dimensions 28000*120*2000MM 3000*1500*2000MM

If you are interested in our automatic potato chip machine, please contact us for more details.

Development of our company:

I company for many years focused on extrusion food machinery in the development and manufacturing, in line with the concept of green, energy saving, environmental protection, with advanced technology and experienced production team, sophisticated processing and manufacturing, and perfect after-sales service, providing customers with perfect set of solutions, lay a solid foundation for the reliability of the product.

The company has a global sales network. Many customers buy automatic potato chip machines from us. Meanwhile, the instant noodle production line, grain bar making machine, dog food extruder and other extruder machines are also exported to many countries. Our machines are exported to the United States, Poland, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and many other European and American countries with higher requirements on equipment quality. And spread throughout Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and many other countries in Asia, Africa and Oceania countries, won the praise of customers at home and abroad.

Equipment shipped to Mexico

Equipment shipped to Mexico

This is the potato chip produced by Malaysian factory with our equipment

This is the potato chip produced by Malaysian factory with our equipment

We promise to provide you with high quality after-sales service. To provide you with food production formula, professional engineers for machine installation and debugging, training enterprise staff skilled operation, solve the problems encountered in machine operation, perennial maintenance of the machine. Establish and perfect after-sales quality tracking report, professional analysis and timely feedback. We will also provide service support for you online, if you have any technical problems with the automatic potato chips machine, please send us a message.

With the unremitting efforts of all the staff, we hope that our food puffing equipment and services can help you to achieve your career. We wish we can become your long-term partners and intimate friends with our sincerity and enthusiasm!

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